The Fine Print

  • Return Policy: You must call within 24 hours of receipt of your goods if we’ve made a mistake on your order, such as missing or damaged items. Issues that arise after an item is opened must be communicated within 30 days and credit is not guaranteed. On dated items, please notify us of spoilage within dating. When communicating with us about a necessary adjustment, please provide your customer number, invoice number, truck run, date of delivery, and the disputed item number(s). After you’ve contacted us we can issue a credit or debit memo (or refund) for your item. Adjustments are typically made on the following invoice unless you request otherwise. On deliveries, our driver can only accept returns on previous orders if you have called ahead for a credit memo for the items to be returned and on current deliveries if caught at the time of delivery. For returns, we must receive your returned item(s) before we can issue a credit. We often have to return these items to their manufacturer in order to receive credit, so please take good care of your products. Items returned due to a customer’s ordering mistake may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. These items must be within dating and in salable condition. We can't offer credit or accept returns on products that have been opened, removed from their original packaging and/or repackaged. We guarantee the quality of our products when they leave our warehouse. However, we have no control over how our customers handle and store their food. If you have questions on food storage, please call our office.
  • Delivery: We always prefer that there is someone present at each delivery stop to accept the delivery, make payments, and handle the product accordingly. In the rare case that someone is unable to meet our driver and we have received authorization to leave product on a porch/in a garage/etc, we require that there are coolers left out at the delivery site for our driver to store any refrigerated or frozen product. If there are no coolers or refrigeration vessels left out, we will bring any refrigerated product back to our warehouse and it will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. We will not deliver any product to an unattended delivery stop without explicit permission from the customer. This is a situation that we rarely run into, but especially during the warmer summer months, we need to be sure that our policies are clear so that your food gets to you in the best condition possible. We are not responsible for the state of any items after an authorized unattended delivery.
  • Payment: Payment is always due upon or prior to receipt of goods unless prior arrangements have been made or your account has terms with us. We accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and EBT Cards (i.e. ACCESS and S.N.A.P.), but we do not accept 2nd or 3rd party checks. We do not accept post-dated checks. Because we are a distributor, we do not accept retail coupons. Payment upon delivery or credit card payment is REQUIRED for delivery, otherwise your product will not be delivered. Past due invoices will incur a 2% finance charge. Multiple rounds of finance charges may be applied if the payment is delayed for multiple billing periods. We can securely store credit card numbers on your account, so please let us know if this is your preferred method of payment and we can update your information.