Borne from a desire to produce our own food on the family farm, our business began as a small milling operation that produced a limited number of organic flours and pancake mixes. It has evolved into a distribution business serving customers across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Founded in 1985 by T.Lyle & Betty Ferderber, along with T.Lyle’s mother Rita, Frankferd Farms Foods carries the namesake of the family’s organic farm located in Valencia, Pennsylvania. To this day, the milling operation still lives at the family farm, where fresh flours are milled and sold alongside the company’s other product lines through the distribution business located down the road in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. Our staff of 20 hard-working, friendly associates work diligently to receive, pull, pack, ship & deliver orders so that our customers near and far can continue to have access to the highest-quality natural and organic products. We strive to stock our shelves with items from trusted suppliers who support and practice responsible, sustainable agricultural methods. It is our belief that the foods you eat help to shape the person you are, which in turn certainly helps to shape the world in which we all live. Let’s make it the best it can be, by making ourselves the best we can be. Thanks for joining us on this journey, and thanks for your continued support after decades of operation!


The Ferderber Family

T.Lyle, Betty, Jeremy & Terra (and Kaia, Ellis, Rye & Linden)