In Western Pennsylvania, we use every sunbeam we can get.


Every pound of flour we grind is made with solar flour power, harvested from our solar panels!

Kilowatts of Solar Power Generated since 2011


and counting!

We are proud to be the country’s first (and possibly only) solar-powered flour mill. In 2011, we installed a 10kW solar array on the south-facing roof of our 150 year old barn. As a result, we are able to generate enough electricity to run not only the electricity needed at the house where the owners still reside, but also the flour mill where we grind our line of organic flours, baking and pancake mixes. And believe it or not, we frequently generate enough electricity to send it BACK to the grid. Obviously, since we’re a bunch of wordsmiths, the term Solar Flour Power was a foregone conclusion. Our friends Chris Cashdollar and Brad Berkner helped us design the logo, which is a combination of sunbeams rising or setting, and the pattern on the stones of the stone mill. FYI, the stone mill is where we grind our hard winter wheat into the organic whole wheat bread flour we sell.

Later that same year, we installed a 16kW solar array on the warehouse roof, about 3 miles away from the farm. You might see this same Solar Flour Power logo on our bagged items from Frankferd Farms Foods, as we are also tapping into the sun’s vast energy to help label the bags we use, to power the computers we take orders on, and to illuminate the warehouse. We are proud of our commitment to supporting alternative sources of renewable energy, and to those who choose to do the same in their own lives!