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Reading The Catalog

  • Our item numbers are “coded” by category.  The catalog is arranged by frozen, refrigerated, dry goods, and non-food stuffs.
  • Because we receive many inquiries from individuals following specific diets, we’ve taken some time to assist those with food allergies and special dietary requirements by coding many of our products.  Please read each label yourself, as ingredients and manufacturing procedures sometimes change.  Please direct any dietary questions to your health care practitioner.  DF=Dairy Free, FT=Fair Trade, GF=Gluten Free (& wheat free), K=Kosher, NG=Non-GMO (only indicated on foods not certified organic), V=Vegan, WF=Wheat Free, :)=Best Selling.
  • Please call to confirm current prices as they are subject to change.


  • Please try to organize your order according to freezer, cooler, and dry goods so that we can pull your products more efficiently.
  • Please provide the complete product number, full description, and quantity desired.  Include your name and phone number, the name of your delivery run, the delivery date, and the delivery location.
  • If a product number and description on your order do not match, we will call for clarification and/or go by your product description.
  • If you mail or fax your order, please call to confirm receipt.  If you email your order, we will email a confirmation.  If you don’t receive a confirmation, please try again or use a different ordering method.
  • Please make us aware of important items that you would accept a substitution for if we are out of stock (O/S).  We do not backorder, so please always re-order any O/S items.

Understanding Your Paperwork

  • When you place an order, we enter it into our system as an order.  The order then goes to the warehouse where our staff fill and box the product.  They write the quantities they’ve pulled to the left of the quantities you’ve ordered.  A circled “O/S” to the left means that the item was out of stock.  To the right of the item number, the puller also marks the number of the box in which the product was packed.  Your order-puller will initial the bottom of your order.
  • When the order comes back to the office, it is edited in the computer according to the order-puller’s notes and becomes an invoice, which is your bill.  Our system will not show the out of stocks on the invoice copy.
  • We will give you two sheets of paper: one copy of your order and one copy of your invoice.  Refer to your order copy for out of stocks, and pay the total amount listed on your invoice only.
  • Refer to the link below to see a sample order and what its contents indicate.


  • All orders are COD unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • We accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and EBT cards (i.e. ACCESS and S.N.A.P.), but we do not accept 2nd or 3rd party checks.  We do not accept retail coupons because we are primarily a distributor.
  • Past due bills are subject to a 2% per month finance charge.

Sales Flyers

  • Our monthly sales flyers serve as newsletters, sales sheets, and catalog updates.  They are sent to customers who have made a purchase recently.
  • Please save these so that you’ll have a listing of products introduced since the latest catalog printing.
  • Sale prices are effective by order date, not by delivery date.

Returns And Adjustments

  • You must call within 24 hours of receipt of your goods if we’ve made a mistake on your order, such as missing or damaged items.  On dated items, please notify us of spoilage within dating.
  • When communicating with us about a necessary adjustment, please provide your customer number, invoice number, truck run, date of delivery, and the disputed item number(s).
  • After you’ve contacted us we can issue a credit or debit memo (or refund) for your item.  Adjustments are typically made on the following invoice unless you request otherwise.
  • On deliveries, our driver can only accept returns on previous orders if you have called ahead for a credit memo for the items to be returned and on current deliveries if caught at the time of delivery.
  • For returns, we must receive your returned item(s) before we can issue a credit.  We often have to return these items to their manufacturer in order to receive credit, so please take good care of your products.
  • Items returned due to a customer’s ordering mistake may be subject to a 10% restocking fee.  These items must be within dating and in salable condition.
  • We guarantee the quality of our products when they leave our warehouse.  However, we have no control over how our customers handle and store their food.  If you have questions on food storage, please call our office.