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Delivery Information


  • If you can meet the minimum for delivery on your own, we can deliver your order to your doorstep (delivery minimums vary depending on where you live, click the delivery link below for information on minimums).  If you need some help meeting the delivery minimum, feel free to form a buying club with your neighbors and friends.  If you live outside of our delivery area or would simply prefer to have your order delivered directly to you, we also ship via UPS. Please reference the links below for more information. 

Buying Clubs

Want to join an existing buying club or form a new one? Need more information on what a buying club actually is?

Delivery Runs and Schedules

Find details on each delivery run, monthly delivery schedules, and an interactive map showcasing delivery routes here.


Find details on shipping via UPS and get an estimate of your shipping costs with the UPS shipping calculator.

General Information


  • Please place your order at least 3 business days (“business days” are Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:30pm) before the truck’s departure. Add-ons to a previously placed order will be accepted until noon of the day before the truck leaves.  If you can’t meet the delivery minimum on your own, feel free to form a buying club with your neighbors and friends.  See below for buying club information.


  • The customer, whether a buying club, family or business, should have someone present at delivery to help the driver unload, check off the order, and pay.  To check off the order, check off each box number on the order sheet as it passes through your hands.  This way, mistakes (if there are any) can be corrected immediately.  We do our best to properly mark cooler and freezer items, but it is the customer’s responsibility to check each box at delivery and refrigerate or freeze the appropriate items.  Orders will be cancelled for individuals/buying clubs that don’t meet minimum unless you ask to reschedule for the next delivery run.  There is a small shipping charge on every delivered order. It is calculated as a percentage of your delivered sales amount.

    $1-$100: 6%, $100-$250: 5%, $250-$500: 4%, OVER $500: 2%


  • Most truck runs are made in 20ft. refrigerated straight trucks (which are reasonably maneuverable) with the Frankferd Farms logo on the doors.  When you order to a new delivery location, it is very helpful if you give us directions from the nearest main highway.  Please make our office aware of any hazardous conditions, low bridges, low wires, or detours.  Working with you, we can make smooth deliveries!