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Buying Clubs

-First, what is a buying club?

A buying club is simply a group of people who order to a common delivery location to collectively meet the delivery minimum.  Members can order separately rather than compiling one large order.  Everyone’s orders will be boxed separately, and everyone pays separately as well.  All we need is a contact person, a delivery location, and directions to the delivery location.

-How can you form a buying club, find a buying club to join, or invite new members to a current buying club?

We've created a message board where you can do all of these things!  We encourage you to use this to connect with people in your area.  Click on the link below to be directed to our message board.


-It is each individual customer’s responsibility to know if their buying club is ordering, where the order is being delivered (name/address of the co-op), what truck run it’s on, and if the group has met the delivery minimum.  If you need assistance with this, call us!

-There is a $30 per order minimum for separate orders going to a single location that collectively reach the delivery minimum.

-We will call the contact person for each group with a delivery time on the day before the truck leaves.  If you won’t be home or don’t have an answering machine to receive our call, please call us for your delivery time or give us the phone number of someone who is home or has an answering machine.